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I bought your Vampire's Kiss tea and your love potion tea at Kriskinder. I think I'm now addicted to the Vampire's Kiss. :)
I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed what I bought and I'm definitely buying more.
Thank you for a wonderful product!
Stephanie M. Hull


I met you today at the Mind, Body and Spirit Fair in Topeka. I wanted to tell you that all four specialty teas I purchased are fabulous. I have "liked" the facebook page and hope I will be able follow your business as you come up with new flavors, etc.
Thank you for taking the time to share your products with me and explaining the different blends.



Hello, my name is Austin Minter and I bought a couple of types of tea at this year's Renaissance Festival.  I especially enjoy the "cough calming" tea. 
The tea is excellent.  Very good taste, I think the batch of "achy body" tea you fixed up for me is now one of my favorites. 
Please email me and let me know how I can buy these as I really like the freshness of your herbs in the tea I bought.
I will definitely be getting in touch with you for more as soon as I run low.


Comments From Facebook:

I bought some of the Samhain Fall Harvest tea you made this year and it's great! It's a new favorite .....this one I could enjoy year round! Hope you make more of it!

Great tea at Jenna Tomlin and Sam Coulson's wedding!

Great tea at Jenna Tomlin and Sam Coulson's wedding!


I just wanna say thanks for the amazing tea!!! and I love the sample of fairy forest!!! And Red hatter's along with vampire's kiss are to die for!! I've Been bleh but your tea helps!

 Maddy PlanteHerbal Alchemy Teahouse and More

Your Red Hatters Delight is amazing!

Just settled down with a cup of "Red Hatters Delight Tea" and it couldn't be better.

Terry WickedLo love your tea, wish you were in wichita though lol