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Tea Accessories


 Handy Little Items:   Purchase items                                              

 Infusers:             Decorative Celestial Mesh, 2" wide     $8.50           

                          Tea Kettle, 1  1/4"                           $5.50             

                          Celestial Teapot weight, w/ 2" ball     $6.50           

                          Mesh Ball, 2"                                    $3.50              

                          Scissor Spoon                                   $3.50

                          Heart Scissor Spoon (not shown)         $4.50

                          Teapot handle Infuser (not shown)     $4.50

                          Fill-Your-Own Tea Bags   (40 ct.)       $3.50            

 Strainers:            Bamboo Strainer                               $2.00

 Spoon for Honey: Honey Spoon, 5 1/2"                        $4.99


6 Cup Teapots:

These teapots are nicely glazed inside and out. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Please note that these teapots are for brewing tea only. They are not suitable for use on electric or gas stoves to heat water to make tea. We recommend that you use a kettle to boil the water. (Colors subject to availability.) Purchase item

     China White                 $16.95
     Sierra Rose                 $16.95
     Royal Blue                   $16.95
     Yellow                         $16.95
     Green                         $16.95
     Burgundy                    $16.95

  Featured below is the Royal Blue teapot:


Tea For One Sets:

Nestled together into one easy to carry handful, these tea sets are perfect for      curling up with a book on a cold winter night. Includes: teapot, cup and lid (Colors subject to availability.) Purchase item

     White                 $16.95
     Black                 $16.95
     Blue                   $16.95
     Yellow                $16.95
     Red                   $16.95
     Green                $16.95
     Burgundy            $16.95

  Featured below is the Burgundy set:


Flowering Glass Teapot:

Exquisitely hand-blown and a tea connoisseur's delight, this delicate glass teapot is the perfect display piece for our organic Flowering Tea Balls.  It also comes conveniently with its own glass infuser that can be inserted for use with loose leaf teas as well.  Holds 20oz  -Currently out of stock-   

Price: $24.99 Purchase item


Blue Willow Teapot:

Beautiful blue oriental designs decorate this lovely teapot.  A wonderful choice for an afternoon tea party with friends.  It is unusual in that it comes with its own matching ceramic infuser.    -Currently out of stock-                           

Price: $24.99 Purchase item