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Specialty Tea Blends

Our Selection of Hand-crafted Teas:

Feeling under the weather or just want something hot and tasty - We have something for everyone whether it's spicy, minty or sweet.

NS - indicates naturally sweet   C - indicates caffeinated tea   H  - indicates herbal tisane

-Seasonal Blends - Seasonal blends are special blends that are only available at certain times of the year or on very special request and may not always be in stock.  Please contact us for more details and availability before making your purchase.

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Tea Varieties:

 Minty Teas++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Lemon Peppermint Bliss Tea - A tribute to the mint family with heavy notes of peppermint and lemon verbena. H

Summer Garden Tea - Only summer garden flowers and herbs need apply for this afternoon tea with a mix of lavender, peppermint, lemon balm, chamomile, and rose petals. H

Wild Meadow Tea - Enchanting with the light sweet notes of chamomile and red clover and hints of peppermint and lavender - it pairs well with any spring gathering. H

Jim’s Minty Goodness Tea - This green tea is a mint family reunion starring the ever popular peppermint along with an accompaniment of several other lamiaceae herbs such as spearmint, basil, and marjoram. C

Floral Teas++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Floral Bouquet Tea - Like a bouquet of flowers, this tea sings with the sweet notes of such garden flowers as rose, chamomile, and calendula. HNS

Angel Flower Tea - This heavenly tea premiered at Naka-Kon 2010 and has complex and delicate notes of such flowers as jasmine and chrysanthemum with a hint of ginger. H -Sorry, currently out of circulation-

Yin & Yang Tea - An absolutely contemplative delight with the dark leaves of green tea paired with the light flower buds of jasmine blend together with a touch of ginger to create a perfect balance.  C

Victorian Romance Tea
- In Victorian times, an entire communication system was created through the language of flowers. White Chrysanthemum (Truth), Hibiscus (Delicate Beauty), Red Rose (Love), Elderflower (Compassion), and Lemon (Zest) comprise the romantic message of this delightful tea. H

Spicy Teas+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Special Spice Tea - Warm, spicy and sweet; this chai tea has been referred to as "liquid autumn" and was a popular favorite during the fall renfair season. NSC

Vampire's Kiss Tea - This black tea has everything in which to woo an unsuspecting pallet - roses, chocolate, damiana and rich spices, but like every vampire's kiss this tea is blood red and has a tiny bite...of cayenne red pepper ;) NSC

Mulling Spices Blend
- Make any cider or wine extra special and warm up this winter season with a lovely blend of traditional mulling spices with cinnamon and cloves. H

Little Apple Cinnamon Tea - Like a visit to grandma's kitchen, this tea feels like home with its warm cinnamon spice and sweet apple tang. Best served with a touch of honey. H

Holiday Spice Tea -With flavors reminiscent of a good mulled wine, this rich fruity red seasonal tea is sure to warm you up with its lovely natural sweetness and touch of spice. HNS -Seasonal Blend -

Mabon’s Autumn Gathering Tea – This earthy tea with sassafras and sarsaparilla rounded out with cinnamon, apples and spice will be a welcome addition at an autumn gathering of family and friends. HNS -Seasonal Blend -

Samhain Fall Harvest Tea – With the coming of cool crisp days there is a seasonal tea made to remind you of memories of fall and people long past with its rich pumpkin spices, flavors of apples and cranberries and a touch of rosemary for remembrance.  H -Seasonal Blend -


Earthy/Stout Teas++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Phoenix Rising Tea -  Inspired by the mascot of Naka-Kon, this tea is rich and earthy with fiery petals of calendula and grounding elements of rooibos and green tea. C

Emerald City Tea - Otherwise know as Emerald City's Absinthe Minded Tea, this black tea was created for the Emerald City Steampunk Expo in 2011.  Though lacking in wormwood, this tea may help the addled mind with its blend of earl grey tea with a dose of herbal infusions which is sure to please with its stout, rich, earthy flavor and aromatic citrus notes. C

Dragon's Brew Tea - Like most dragons, this black tea is a little rough around the edges but always a little complicated and mysterious with stout, spicy and smokey flavors and undercurrents of raisins and elderberries that like to take their time to steep and develop to make this a popular offering at the Conquest Science Fiction convention. C

Vanilla Amaretto Tea -  Black tea combines with the rich flavors of vanilla and amaretto. Add a little honey to make a tea that can satisfy the craving for a little after dinner dessert :) C

-New- Cat's Eye Caramel Tea -A rich delight made with a base of stout English Breakfast tea, red rooibos and real caramel candies that was specially created for the Cat's Eye Maid Cafe at Ahn!con in 2015.  Add cream and honey for a tea flavor that will take you on a other-worldly adventure for your taste buds. C


 Fruity Teas++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Jovian Sunspot Citrus Tea - The perfect tea for a sunny day!  This sweet pairing of hibiscus, orange and lemon is wonderful served over ice. H

Red Hatter's Delight Tea - This tea is reminiscent of the saying, "Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice." Still fun but all grown up, it is a lovely blend of roses, hibiscus and lavender with just a tickle of spice and like any great lady is sure to be memorable. HNS

Fairy Forest Tea - For the lovers of berries and forest fruits comes a tea perfect for a fairy's garden party!   Naturally sweet as nectar from Tatianna's own grove, this tea is perfect for children or those young at heart and is served seasonally at the Great Plains Renaissance Fair. HNS

Lemony Snickety Tea - Tart lemony goodness paired with rosehips just goes to show that when life gives you lemons - make really tasty tea! H

Crimson Splendor Tea - Tart and naturally sweetened, this tea features the mixed fruit flavors of cranberries, cherries, currents and apples.  After one cup, you may find yourself feeling a little splendid! HNS

-New- Joe’s Peachy Peach Tea – A black tea for peach lovers everywhere, add honey and find a porch swing because this tea is likely to be a summer sippin’ favorite. C

Tropical Passion Tea -  Take a trip to the tropics with this delicious Pineapple, Mango and Lemongrass inspired tea.  Stands alone on its own or works great as a summertime mixer :) H

Sweet Memories Tea - Made for the Cat's Eye Maid Cafe at Ahncon in 2015, this lovely green tea is a sweet fruity delight with base notes of peach, chamomile and hibiscus and a touch of ginger and cinnamon best paired with honey, that is sure to inspire some sweet memories of your own. C

Noir Couture Tea - Made for the Figments and Filaments costuming convention in 2015, this black tea with white jasmine flowers, and red roses combine with tart cherries and hibiscus and a subtle hint of spice to make a sharp black tea with a seductive dark fruity body that is perfect for any femme fatale. C


Spring Renewal Tea The coming of Spring is celebrated in this lovely tea with a colorful bouquet of pastel colors and fruity accents of citrus and strawberries. HNS -Seasonal Blend -

Mayday Blessing Tea – Mayday is a wonderful holiday devoted to new life and beginnings and celebrated with bright flowers and fruity desserts both of which are captured in this colorful strawberry floral tea. HNS -Seasonal Blend -

First Harvest Fruit Tea – The harvest of end of summer fruits like blackberries, peaches and pears is celebrated here in this tasty, fruity brew with just the right accent of herbs to balance it out. HNS -Seasonal Blend -

Herbal/Aromatic Teas+++++++++++++++++++++++

Ruby Slipper Tea - Some have claimed to have had vivid and enchanting dreams after drinking this tea but it's the ruby red of hibiscus that gives this tea its grand appeal. H

Love Potion Tea - Based on an old gypsy recipe, this tea with its sweet blend of rose petals and warm notes of cinnamon combine with damiana, an herb used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac, to create a potion to "bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses..." HNS

Dresden’s Spiritus Contego Tea - Inspired by the popular Dresden Files series, this tea contains many herbs such as rosemary, wood betony and agrimony that have traditionally been used for protective purposes be they for health reasons or in Harry's case - the possibility of keeping away the bad guys... H

Brigid’s Snowdrop Tea – The perfect tea for the first hint of Spring, this basil, ginger and lemon flavored tea is sure to be a refreshing tonic to fight the dark of winter and focus on the brighter things in life. H -Seasonal Blend -


Combination Teas++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Persian Paradise Tea - Like an oasis in the desert, this green tea will refresh you with the fragrant blend of middle eastern inspired flavors of mint, jasmine, rose and ginger. C

Denise’s Morning Brew Tea -  This green tea is a rich and flavorful morning delight with notes of fennel, cinnamon and ginger and chock full of antioxidants and herbs to get your day started off right. C

Royal Purple Tea - This Earl Grey tea blend is fit for royalty with the fruity addition of bilberries and the floral notes of lavender, jasmine and chamomile but it is the lovely purple of its sweet mallow flowers that gives this tea its proper name. C

Kitsune Ghostfire Tea – Done on special request for the fans of Motaku, this tea captures the spirit of the kitsune with its white jasmine flowers, red goji berries, Genmaicha green tea and a fiery touch of ginger.  C

Oberon’s Midsummer Night Tea – Summer berries with notes of mint and lemon verbena and other herbs of the season make this a delightful tea to share with friends on a long summer night.  -Seasonal Blend -


Medicinal Teas++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

After Dinner Tea - Combining the best herbs and spices used by many for tummy troubles and the occasional over-indulgence, this tea is naturally sweet and flavored with fennel, mint, ginger and a touch of cinnamon. HNS

Immunity Boost Tea - Chock full of common natural remedies that have been touted for years, this tea has a healthy boost of echinacea, elderberries and rose hips. H

Wellness Tonic Tea - Full of herbs used by many folk practitioners as herbal tonics this tea includes a combination of lemon balm, elderflower, red clover, and plantain. H

Sean's Stuffy Head Tea - Grandma always said to use eucalyptus, peppermint and spices to cure a stuffy head (even ones as stuffy as Sean's), this black tea is a tribute to grandmothers everywhere with a mixture of aromatic and soothing herbs. C

Cold and Flu Thyme Tea - There's nothing like a hot cup of tea to help sooth those "thymes" where you are feeling under the weather ;) Blended with herbs like thyme, peppermint, and meadowsweet - just sip slowly and wrap up in a warm blanket. HNS

Cough Calming Tea - Wild cherry bark and mullien have been used for centuries to relieve chest colds and coughs, this tea includes them both along with a few other choice herbs. H

Throat Soother Tea -Ease that sore throat with this blend of Horehound, Wild Cherry Bark, Calendula and other choice herbs used by folks throughout the ages.  This tea is best taken with a heavy dose of honey to coat the throat and balance out the stoutness of its herbs.

Evening Relax Tea - Take it easy after a long day at work with a cup of tea with a mix of herbs like chamomile, peppermint and a touch of valerian that will be sure to remind you of the need to slow down once in a while and take a rest. HNS

Austin's Achy Body Tea - This blend has feverfew and meadowsweet, the herb with the compound aspirin was derived from plus some double doses of chamomile to sooth the frazzled nerve.  Good enough for some hard working Joes or Austin as the case may be. HNS

Blood Strengthening Tea - For those who need a extra punch of iron in their diet and a tonic for their tired systems this tea includes herbs like thyme, wood betony, red raspberry Leaf, dandelion, and yellow dock paired with the rich and fruity flavors of hibsicus and cocoa. H

Andi’s Well-Being Tea - Full of nutrient rich herbs like alfalfa and dandelion and plants used by herbalists for centuries to help rebuild the body from the inside out like chapparral and burdock combined with touch of spice, this tea may provide some much needed herbal well-being. H

Cindy's D-Stress Tea -  Need to keep going but feeling fried around the edges?  This tea has some lovely herbs like Ginseng and Holy Basil used by folks around the world to help balance things out when the going gets rough. HNS


Women's Teas++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-New- Women's Moontime Tea - In the past, women's menstrual cycles have always been tied to the moon.  Here is a tea with herbs like cramp bark, vitex and dong quai, to help with making "that time of the month" more manageable. H

Jodi's Pregnancy Tea - Great for the mommy-to-be and full herbs like red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, and dandelion that have been recommended by midwives for centuries to ensure healthy mommies and babies. HNS

-New- Mother's Blessing Tea - A tea for mothers who want a little extra help in breastfeeding their young ones.  Blended with herbs like blessed thistle and nettles to help promote a healthy milk supply but balanced with other herbs like lemongrass and chamomile to even out their bitter flavors. H

Crone's Wisdom Tea - The crone is the archetypal figure of a wise woman who has transitioned through the phases of life and has gained wisdom through experience.  This tea is for women who are making that transition through menopause.  It is blended with herbs like black cohosh and dong quai  to support the wise woman who needs something to help her balance things out. HNS


Chakra Teas +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-New- to the Herbal Alchemy Collection, these chakra teas are a synthesis of the one of founding principles here at Herbal Alchemy Teahouse and More - that of holistic health that encourages the well-being of the Mind, Body and the Spirit.

The word Chakra comes from an ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit, chakra means spinning wheel or circle. Chakras are centers of spiritual power in the human body and are circles of energy which balance, store and distribute the energies of life all through our physical body along our spiritual body. The belief in chakras started in India, and is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine, the earliest records of Ayurvedic dates from around 2500 B.C. 

Crown Chakra Tea – This chakra influences the Pineal Gland, central nervous system, muscular system, and skin.  This tea of spirituality and universal consciousness is blended with herbs like Lotus, Lavender and Chrysanthemum paired with Angelica, Sage and Mugwort to create a tea of awareness and connection to life.

Third Eye Chakra Tea – This chakra influences the Pituitary, brain and neurological system, eyes, ears, and nose.   The purple flowers of Mallow unite with herbs like Rosemary, Passionflower and Meadowsweet to create a tea that opens ones perception and ability to see and imagine.

Throat Chakra Tea - This chakra influences the Thyroid, Throat and Thyroid, esophagus, trachea, mouth, jaw, teeth, neck and vertebrae.  Herbs like Red Clover, Lemon Balm and Eucalyptus are blended with Marshmallow, Plantain and blue Cornflowers to create a tea that promotes free speech and expression.

Heart Chakra Tea - This chakra influences the Thymus, Heart, circulatory system, ribs, breast, thymus gland, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, and diaphragm.  Green Nettles, Basil and Tulsi combine with flowers like Jasmine and Rose to create a tea of love and balance.

Solar Plexus Tea - This chakra influences the Pancreas/Adrenal, stomach, adrenals, pancreas, upper intestines, liver, gall bladder, and middle spine.  Ginger, Mint and fennel pair with the golden flower Chamomile and Lemon Balm to create this empowering tea.

Sacral Chakra Tea - This chakra influences the Gonads, sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, hip area, and urinary bladder. Fruity flavors of Cranberries, Apples and Oranges are mellowed by herbs like fennel, Red Raspberry Leaf and bright Calendula petals in this creativity and passion inspired tea.

Root Chakra Tea – This chakra influences the Immune System, Prostate, spinal column, rectum, legs, bones, and feet, energizes body, and increases overall health.  Root herbs like Dandelion, Burdock and Licorice are paired with red flowers of Safflower, Rose and Hibiscus to create this grounding tea



Organic Flowering Tea Balls:

A tea connoisseur's treasure, these organic white tea balls are hand-sewn and can bloom into beautiful displays of floral delight.  They can traditionally be used for up to 5-6 pots of tea.


Flowering Jewel - a jasmine scented tea ball with a pink center - $3.49 Purchase item
Dragon Lily - an apricot scented tea ball with an crimson and orange center - $3.49 Purchase item


Additional Info:

For more information about the various properties of herbs and tea lore, here a few good starting points on the web:  Herbal Alchemy Herbalism and Tea Links