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Host a Tea Party

Whether it is a birthday, shower, or just for fun, Herbal Alchemy Teahouse and More would be happy to put on a tea party for you and your friends.  We would set up in your home with a display of all of our tasty teas and accessories that would be available for the party to purchase.  It is a great way to introduce others to all of our wonderful teas and enjoy a fun and unique experience with friends.  Plus you will get a chance to sample the teas of your choice. We do encourage theme parties to give your guests a chance to have fun and play dress-up.  Silly hats are encouraged!

What we would supply:

-Your choice of two teas to be served (We offer 30+ different varieties ranging from tasty to medicinal)

-A plate of home-baked goodies (choose from cupcakes, scones, cookies, muffins or a specialty bundt cake)

-Depending on the area, specialty tea sets, teapots and linens could be set up as well

-Tea Leaf Readings are also available for an additional charge

The host of the party would receive a 1oz bag of any specialty tea blend of their choice as a gift for hosting.


Parties range in price depending on circumstances.

A tea party for 10 guests begins at $35.00


Past Themed Party Ideas: Choose one of ours or create your own!

Middle Eastern Tea and Henna Party

Medieval Ladies Tea Party

Steampunk Tea Party

Victorian Tea Party

Anime Tea Party

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