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Hand-Made Products


Bath Balls and Pillows

Engage your senses to the art of aromatherapy!

Hand-crafted Bath Balls  only $3.00         

3 Scent combinations:

-Mint Bliss,                                    -Spirited Away                            -Remembrance


Hand-crafted Herbal Pillows only $5.00

3 Varieties:

Sniffy Pillow w/ Eucalyptus                   Sweet Dreams Pillow w/ Sage            Arouse Your Spirits Pillow w/Lavender         

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Home-Made Eye Pillows 


Get rid of that headache or nausea from migraines
with COOLING EYEPILLOWS in two flavors: Click here to Purchase items
  Lavender ….. $10.95  
  Peppermint ….. $10.95





Home-Made Heating Pads

Feel better with heat or relaxing cold!  
Assorted, made with Cotton fabric  
Microwaveable HEATING PADS…just $15.95

               or  HOT  POTATOES...just $5.00                 (A smaller version of our heating pads - perfect for warming cold hands on a Winter day) 

They can be also customized with herbs and essential oils for an additional cost.  

Just Heat in an microwave for two minutes and enjoy the smell of fresh baked bread and long lasting warmth. Click here to Purchase items


Hand-made Bags

Perfect for making dream pillows, sachets, or holding those special belongings.  Each bag is custom crafted and unique with quality materials.  Call to find out what's in stock today!

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Custom Calligraphy and Art Prints

We offer a variety of artistic prints as well as take custom orders for pieces.  Make someone's day and tell them how much you care by ordering one today!

All 8" x 10" inch prints come framed in your choice of the following colors:

Black        $10.99                     Silver         $10.99

Gold         $10.99                     Woody       $10.99

Pearl         $10.99                     Click here to Purchase items

Custom orders and originals vary in price depending on the nature, size and complexity of design but most orders are priced between $35.00 - $50.00.


 -All art images are copyrighted and are property of Raven Leaf Artistic Design-