Herbal Alchemy Teahouse and More

Simply Devoted to Herbal Well-Being

About Herbal Alchemy

Formed as a limited liability company, Herbal Alchemy was the culmination of a lifelong interest in herbal well-being by owner Denise Donnelly-Neill.  Having had a long-time interest in the practice of herbal remedies and healing, Denise saw a need in the community not only for personal herbal products but for a community meeting place as well.  Out of that was born the concept for Herbal Alchemy Teahouse and More- a new take on the concept of herbal well-being. 

Denise at her booth at Forest House Yoga's Open House and Health Fair

Our Philosophy

We at Herbal Alchemy are devoted to herbal well-being. 

We are passionate about natural approaches to maintaining good health.  It is our goal to eventually provide a gathering place where businesses, civic groups and individuals can meet and feel that they are embracing a healthier alternative through our products and services.

We offer a variety of organic herbs which can be blended into delicious and soothing teas, as well as specialty accessories to prepare and serve your tea.  We also offer custom made aromatherapy accessories, incenses, and hand-made soaps.